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Sgt. Brent Hill
Clan Labs Episode Sgt. Brent Hill

With over 22 years of service, Brent has dedicated 19 towards drug enforcement, working on investigations ranging from street level trafficking to more sophisticated importation schemes. He is very educated in the area of synthetic drug production and has dismantled numerous clandestine drug laboratories where dangerous illicit street drugs such as meth and ecstacy were being manufactured. He also instructs police officers at the Canadian Police College as well as the Ontario Police College.

Sgt. Michael Harvey
Customs & Excise Episode Sgt. Michael Harvey

In his 23 years with the RCMP, Michael has performed police work in both Ontario and Quebec as well as instructed new Cadets in the RCMP Training Academy in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is currently with the Customs and Excise Unit in Cornwall, Ontario. Working out and biking are his everyday pleasures, but he also enjoys golfing and any outdoor activity. To relax, Michael spends time reading James Patterson novels.

Cst. Monique Cooper

Photo by Marc Rochon

VIP Protection Episode Cst. Monique Cooper

Being part of the Musical Ride is just one of the many opportunities Monique has had during her career with the RCMP. She has visited or worked in every province and territory in Canada, be it with the Ride, in her duties with Recruiting or with Aboriginal Policing Services. As well as being VIP trained, Monique is also part of the 'D' Division Tactical troop. This Fall, she will be part of the Olympic Torch Relay Security Team. Monique is married and enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as playing hockey, reading and eating chocolate.

Sgt. Jimmy Akavak
Remote Policing Episode Sgt. Jimmy Akavak

Jimmy joined the RCMP following high school and has now been a member for 25 years. He was born and raised in Iqaluit, Nunavut and has served in several communities in Nunavut. Jimmy has some unique skill sets. He is a crisis negotiator, hostage negotiator, interpreter, guide and Arctic survival instructor. Married with three daughters, Jimmy has many hobbies that include master carving, boating fishing and hunting to name a few. He hopes one day to fly his own plane.

Cpl. Rob Skolrood
Emergency Response Teams Episode Cpl. Rob Skolrood

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, Rob joined the RCMP in 1990 and spent his first six years in Grande Prairie, Alberta. He then transferred to Red Deer, Alberta where he had the opportunity to join an Emergency Response Team (ERT). Rob has also had the experience of an International Peace Operations mission and spent six months in Jordan training Iraqi police officers. He now works as a Team Leader for the Ottawa ERT. His wife is also a member and together they raise horses on their farm. Rob enjoys playing the guitar and is a member of a classic rock band.

Sgt. Anthony Massie
SAFE Episode Sgt. Anthony Massie

Tony joined the RCMP in 1992, spending the first 13 years of his career in various detachments in British Columbia. He transferred to Ottawa in 2006 and is currently working with the Marine and Ports Branch in Federal and International Operations. When not at work, Tony enjoys hiking, skiing and most sports as well as the occasional game of Scrabble!!

Cst. Earl Woods
Youth Officers Episode Cst. Earl Woods

Earl grew up on a farm in Emyvale, PEI and, after a few years in the RCMP in New Brunswick was able to transfer back to the 'Island'. He feels very fortunate to have spent many years working with the youth in his community as a School Resource Officer. Earl is married and has three teenaged children. He loves fishing and PEI beaches.

Cst. Al. Marion
VIP Protection, Depot Episodes Cst. Al Marion

Born in Sorel, Quebec, Al ventured into a career with the RCMP in 1981. First posted in Kelowna, BC, Al transferred to Ottawa in 1988 and was a full time member of the Emergency Response Team. In 1991, he then became part of the Prime Ministers Protective Detail and has enjoyed that opportunity so much, he's still there. He has provided protection for the last five Prime Ministers of Canada. Al is married with two children, one of whom (Kevin) just recently became a member of the RCMP (a proud moment for Dad). In his down time, Al enjoys many activities including weight training, cycling and golfing and feels blessed with a great family.

Cst. Percival Hall
Frontline Policing Episode Cst. Percival Hall

Percy was born in Jamaica and moved to Canada in 1985. Before the RCMP, he worked in the information Technology field for eight years. He was posted to Surrey in 2006, both on detachment and now on 'footbeat'. Percy also assists with the 'E' Div. Tactical Troop as well the Integrated Homicide Investigative Team (IHIT). In his off hours, Percy enjoys camping, sports, chess and working with the Shriners.

Cst. Patrick Bouchard
Frontline Policing Episode Cst. Patrick Bouchard

With seven years of policing with the RCMP under his belt, Patrick was recently transferred from Moncton to Bathurst, New Brunswick. He's also had the opportunity to work for one month in Taloyoak Detachment, Nunavut to provide relief to members serving in the North. Family is everything to Patrick. He draws inspiration from his father who was a policeman for 32 years. His hobbies are martial arts and cinema. Recently married, Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife.

Cst. Brent Moerike
Remote Policing Cst. Brent Moerike

Born and raised in a small town in Southern Saskatchewan, Brent attended university after high school and studied Engineering. After working as a Power Engineer for some time, he felt the pull for a career in the RCMP, which was essentially his childhood dream. With only 14 months service, Brent has experienced more than he ever thought possible and has met some amazing people along the way. In his spare time, Brent enjoys exploring the Arctic, most sports, traveling and meeting new people.

Sgt. T.J. (Terry) Higginson
K9 Units Episode Sgt. T.J. (Terry) Higginson

T.J. was born in Thompson, Manitoba. As a young six year old, he remembers seeing a Mountie in brown serge conducting a vehicle check and has carried that image forward. He joined the RCMP in 1982 and has performed his duties in Quebec, Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. He had two goals and realized them both - He was a member of the Musical Ride from 1985-1988 and he became a dog handler in 1993. He was recently promoted to the rank of sergeant and will be in charge of the Police Dog Service for Vancouver Island. T.J.'s wife and two sons have been very supportive and are his source of motivation. His pastimes include collecting Don Cherry sports cards (He know's Mr. Cherry is a big dog fan), photography and watching his sons play basketball.

Sgt. Blake Ward
West Coast Marine Service Episode Sgt. Blake Ward

Born and raised inland in Nanton, Alberta, Blake has come to love living by the ocean. The last nine years of his 16-year career as a Mountie have been with the Marine Service in British Columbia - and he loves it!! His wife is a paramedic with the BC Ambulance Service and they have five children, four of whom are boys in their teens - all hockey players. Needless to say, Blake spends much of his down time at the rink, coaching and volunteering with their teams. His hobbies are camping, fishing and spending time outdoors.

Cst. Duc Nguyen
Clan Labs Episode Cst. Duc Nguyen

Duc has dedicated his five years of service with the RCMP to Drug Enforcement. He is currently an instructor in both Public and Police Safety training and Conducted Energy Weapon training. He has also received specialized training to be able to dismantle Clan Labs. Duc has many hobbies including sports, modified cars, outdoor activities and spending time at the cottage.

S/Sgt. Gilles Deziel
Peace Operations Episode S/Sgt. Gilles Deziel

Since joining the RCMP in 1986, Gilles has enjoyed a varied career - working in Customs and Excise, instructing at the RCMP Training Academy in Regina, working as a Media Relations Officer at the RCMP headquarters in Ottawa and participating in a peace operations mission in Haiti where he worked with the Haitian National Police. He now works at the International Peace Operations Branch. Gilles enjoys traveling, martial arts and salmon fishing off the west coast of British Columbia.

Supt. Jacques Tanguay
Francophonie Summit Episode Supt. Jacques Tanguay

Born in Lévis, Québec, Jacques joined the RCMP in 1972 with the ultimate goal of working in a drug section. He feels fortunate to have been able to work in drug enforcement for ten years, after which he studied to obtain his law degree, transferring to RCMP HQ in Ottawa where he represented members on adjudication boards. He returned to operations as Officer in Charge of the Montreal Drug Section in 1995, before deploying to Haiti in 1998 as Canadian contingent commander for the UN mission in Haiti. Since then, he has worked several major events as head of security. He enjoys time at the cottage, as well as being supportive of his children who have been involved in competitive sports for many years. Jacques is quite proud of his son Guillaume who has followed in Dads footsteps and is now a member of the RCMP in British Columbia.

Cst. Kevin Marion
Depot Episode Cst. Kevin Marion

Born in Kelowna, British Columbia, Kevin is a new addition to the Force, graduating in May 2009. Currently posted to Rosthern, Saskatchewan, he and his fiancée are enjoying the shift in priorities and scenery between the suburban hustle and bustle of his formative years in Ottawa, and the Prairie lifestyle of rural Saskatchewan. When not at work, Kevin can be found biking, reading, out and about in the community or just working around the house. His father, Al Marion, is also a member of the RCMP working with the Prime Ministers Protective Detail in Ottawa.

Cst. Lois Cormier
Youth Officers Episode Cst. Lois Cormier

Lois started out with the RCMP in 1996 as an auxiliary constable in Thompson, Manitoba, volunteering many hours in that capacity at community events. She enjoyed the experience so much, she became a regular member. It wasn't easy for Lois to leave her husband and three children for the six months training in Regina. She feels it was all worthwhile as she has found her work in Thompson, Manitoba extremely rewarding. She has dedicated most of her service to working with the youth in her community and has also had the opportunity to travel internationally representing Canada with different youth groups. Lois has two grandchildren and loves spending time with her family. She has many hobbies including scrapbooking, interior design skiing, boating at the lake and bike riding.

Cst. Marc Philip
Customs & Excise Episode Cst. Marc Philip

Marc came to Canada seven years ago after serving in France as a Master Corporal in the French Army, followed by a stint with France Telecom and sailing the Mediterranean Sea. Once in Canada, he took English training and graduated from Depot in 2008. Cornwall, Ontario is his first posting. His hobbies are sailing (he built his own 37 ft. sailboat from the hull), scuba diving and reading.

C/Supt. Marty Cheliak
Remote Policing Episode C/Supt. Marty Cheliak

Marty joined the RCMP in 1979 and was first posted in Manitoba. His service has been varied - including general duty policing, general investigations, serious crimes, being a member of the Emergency Response Team, the Special Emergency Response Team and he has held several detachment commands. Marty has worked in the Yukon, Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and recently was transferred from his position as Commanding Officer of "V" Div., Nunavut to the position of Director General forthe Canadian Firearms Program in Ottawa. In is down time, Marty enjoys working out, fishing and riding his motorcycle.

Cpl. Bill Demeau
VIP Protection episode Cpl. Bill Demeau

Bill joined the RCMP in 1984, has had the opportunity to serve in several provinces including Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick and do a variety of police work. He also represented Canada in a UN mission in Haiti back in 1995. Most recently, Bill has been working in Protective Policing and is now the National Training Coordinator in Ottawa. His partner of seven years recently graduated from Depot and is also posted here. His hobbies include live theater, squash, learning Spanish and traveling.

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